Hardwired for Growth 2.0: Helping GenX find their What's Next!

Hardwired for Growth 2.0: Helping GenX find their What's Next!

Welcome to Hardwired for Growth 2.0, a groundbreaking podcast hosted by Brett Trainor that's dedicated to helping growth-minded GenX Business Owners 10x their businesses and lives! Through a captivating blend of interviews and storytelling, we'll explore innovative strategies and tactics that enable expertise-based business owners to build 7-figure businesses. Our aim is to transform the way businesses grow, one episode at a time.

Join us every week for a 30-minute insightful interview with thought leaders who are reimagining growth and driving change. In addition to these interviews, Brett will share bite-sized, 10-minute solo episodes that cut straight to the chase – all action, no fluff.

With Hardwired for Growth 2.0, you'll gain access to a wealth of actionable insights, real-world examples, and cutting-edge techniques designed to revolutionize your business growth journey. This podcast is perfect for ambitious business owners and CEOs who are ready to embrace a new paradigm and unlock the full potential of their businesses.

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