Fractional & Freelance Opportunities in the Enterprise Space w/Matthew Mottola

Fractional & Freelance Opportunities in the Enterprise Space w/Matthew Mottola

In this conversation, Brett Trainor interviews Matthew Mottola about freelancing in the enterprise space. They discuss the impact of layoffs and the rise of freelancing, the shift from transactional to strategic freelancing, and the importance of building relationships and aligning incentives in freelancing. They also explore the role of platforms in finding freelance work, the opportunities in the enterprise space, and the considerations for working with enterprises. The conversation concludes with a discussion on industries and roles embracing freelancing and the future trends in the freelance economy.

  • The rise of freelancing is driven by the need for flexible talent and the shift from transactional to strategic freelancing.
  • Building relationships and aligning incentives are crucial in successful freelancing engagements.
  • Platforms can be a valuable resource for finding freelance work, but freelancers should also leverage their network and personal connections.
  • Industries such as media and tech have been at the forefront of embracing freelancing, but opportunities can be found in various sectors.
  • Freelancers should consider setting up their business structure and be prepared to adapt to the requirements of working with enterprises.

00:00 Introduction and Background
03:23 The Impact of Layoffs and the Rise of Freelancing
08:00 The Shift from Transactional to Strategic Freelancing
13:13 Building Relationships and Aligning Incentives in Freelancing
16:46 The Role of Platforms in Finding Freelance Work
22:09 Finding Opportunities in the Enterprise Space
25:34 Setting Yourself Up for Success as a Freelancer
29:42 Industries and Roles Embracing Freelancing
35:19 Considerations for Working with Enterprises
39:09 Closing Remarks and Future Trends