Escapee Economics: Planning Your Financial Exit From the 9-to-5 w/Laura Lynch CFP

Escapee Economics: Planning Your Financial Exit From the 9-to-5 w/Laura Lynch CFP


In this episode, Brett Trainor interviews Laura Lynch, a certified financial planner and founder of the Tiny House Advisor. They discuss Laura's escapee journey from corporate life and her transition to financial advising. They also explore the concept of tiny living and its financial implications. Laura emphasizes the importance of aligning work with personal values and redefining retirement based on individual goals and fulfillment. They also touch on the benefits of renting versus buying a home and the need for financial planning as a couple. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights for corporate escapees looking to make a change and live a more fulfilling life.

  • Align your work with your personal values to find fulfillment and create a lifestyle that suits you.
  • Consider the financial implications of tiny living and explore options like renting versus buying a home.
  • Redefine retirement based on your own goals and desires, focusing on autonomy and choice in how you spend your time.
  • Engage in financial planning as a couple to ensure both partners are empowered and on the same page.


00:00 Introduction
00:39 Laura's Work and Background
02:07 Laura's Escapee Journey
05:02 Motivation to Make the Change
06:18 Transitioning to Tiny Homes
08:30 Preparing for the Transition
10:17 Starting Laura's Own Business
12:46 Financial Considerations for Corporate Escapees
13:41 Mindset Shift and Runway Planning
15:42 Crafting Work Around Values
17:21 Redefining Retirement
20:00 Realistic Understanding of Retirement Savings
23:28 Financial Planning as a Couple
25:39 Aligning Work with Personal Values
27:00 Taking a Sabbatical and Renting vs. Buying
30:47 Exploring Tiny Living
36:08 Conclusion