"Should You Stay or Should You Go?" Exploring Options w/an Escapee Turned Career Coach

"Should You Stay or Should You Go?" Exploring Options w/an Escapee Turned Career Coach

In this conversation, Brett Trainor and Don Oehlert discuss the decision to stay in corporate or pursue other opportunities. Don shares his background as a former corporate employee and his transition into career coaching. They explore current trends in the corporate world and the reasons why individuals may choose to leave. They also discuss the challenges of micromanagement and the potential future of organizations. Don provides insights on the importance of onboarding and the role of AI in business. The conversation concludes with advice for those considering a career change.

  • Consider the reasons for staying in corporate, such as job security, health insurance, and the opportunity to lead and mentor others.
  • Explore alternative career paths, such as fractional work, consulting, or coaching, which allow you to leverage your skills and experience.
  • Develop a plan and ensure you have the necessary resources, including financial stability, legal protection, and a strong marketing strategy.
  • Focus on onboarding and creating a positive experience for new employees, as this can greatly impact their decision to stay with the company.
00:00 Introduction and Background
00:37 Discussing Current Trends
04:05 Reasons for Staying in Corporate
06:31 Career Coaching and Positioning in the New Corporate Landscape
09:53 Clients' Reasons for Leaving Corporate
11:27 Challenges in Corporate and Micromanagement
13:55 The Future of Organizations and the Rise of Fractional Work
18:03 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
23:21 Considerations for Leaving Corporate
27:20 The Importance of Onboarding
30:59 The Role of AI in Business
33:30 Closing Remarks