The Accidental Solopreneur: A 6 Step Playbook w/Author Dennis Geelen

The Accidental Solopreneur: A 6 Step Playbook w/Author Dennis Geelen

In this conversation, Dennis Geelen shares his journey from corporate to solopreneurship and provides valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. He discusses the challenges of leaving corporate, the importance of building credibility, and the process of refining your offer. Dennis also emphasizes the need to learn how to sell and the importance of building an audience. Finally, he highlights the benefits of creating additional revenue streams to complement your high-ticket offerings. In this conversation, Brett Trainor and Dennis Geelen discuss the importance of exploring different revenue streams and staying close to your core expertise when transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship. They emphasize the value of making small bets and testing various opportunities to find what works best for you. Additionally, they highlight the Pareto principle and the concept of surface area for luck, where accidental success stories can lead to new opportunities.


Transitioning from corporate to solopreneurship requires careful planning and a willingness to take risks.
Building credibility is crucial for success as a solopreneur, and testimonials are a valuable tool for establishing trust.
Refining your offer and pricing it appropriately is essential for attracting the right clients and maximizing your revenue.
Learning how to sell effectively is a key skill for solopreneurs, and focusing on problem-solving rather than traditional sales tactics can lead to better results.
Building an audience is a long-term strategy that should be pursued after establishing your high-ticket offering and understanding your target market.
Creating additional revenue streams, such as books, courses, or downloads, can provide additional income and leverage your expertise. When transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship, explore different revenue streams that leverage your expertise.
Make small bets and test various opportunities to find what works best for you.
Stay close to your core expertise and avoid expanding into unrelated niches.
Embrace the Pareto principle and focus on the 20% of efforts that yield 80% of the results.


00:00 Introduction and Background
05:15 Becoming a Solopreneur
08:14 The Journey to Writing Books
11:58 The Challenges of Leaving Corporate
16:03 The Six Steps to Success
25:48 Learning to Sell
31:24 Building an Audience
33:52 Creating Additional Revenue Streams
34:33 Exploring Different Revenue Streams
38:23 Surface Area for Luck