"The Power of Discomfort: Michael Easter's 'The Comfort Crisis' and the Path to Post Corporate Success"

"The Power of Discomfort: Michael Easter's 'The Comfort Crisis' and the Path to Post Corporate Success"


In this episode, Brett Trainor interviews Michael Easter, author of 'The Comfort Crisis.' They discuss the importance of discomfort and challenging environments for personal growth and health. Michael shares his journey in the Arctic and how it made him realize the impact of comfort on modern life. They also explore the benefits of challenging oneself mentally and physically, the impact of mortality on decision-making, and the truth about fad diets and nutrition. Additionally, they discuss the benefits of rucking and spending time outdoors. Michael recommends finding ways to be grateful as a daily practice. The conversation explores the idea of appreciating what we have and being grateful for the improvements in our lives over time. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing the abundance and advantages we enjoy in the present moment. The guest shares his personal experience of how gratitude has made his life better and encourages listeners to savor every moment. The conversation also mentions the book 'The Comfort Crisis' and provides information on where to find more content from the guest.

  • Embracing discomfort and challenging environments can lead to personal growth and improved health.
  • Challenging oneself mentally and physically can lead to a shift in mindset and reframing of fear.
  • The rise of comfort in modern life has disconnected us from the discomforts that are important for our health and happiness.
  • Reflecting on mortality can help prioritize what is truly important in life.
  • Fad diets often focus on eliminating certain foods, but the key to nutrition is finding a balance and being mindful of calorie intake.
  • Rucking, or walking with a weighted backpack, can provide endurance and strength benefits without the high injury rate of running.
  • Spending time outdoors and connecting with nature has numerous mental and physical health benefits.
  • Finding ways to be grateful on a daily basis can improve overall well-being and perspective.
Introduction to Michael Easter and The Comfort Crisis
The Importance of Discomfort and Challenging Environments
The Mental and Physical Benefits of Challenging Yourself
The Impact of Comfort on Mental Health
The Importance of Reflecting on Mortality
The Truth About Fad Diets and Nutrition
The Benefits of Rucking and Outdoor Fitness
The Importance of Spending Time Outdoors
Recommendation: Find Ways to Be Grateful
Appreciating What We Have